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Family Testimonials for
Assisted Living by Hillcrest Facilities

Ken Davis"Following my wife’s passing, after nearly 61 years together, I moved to Brillion West Haven. I had been living next to my daughter and son-in-law, but since both of them are working, I was now alone. The move to West Haven has solved not only my care problems, but it provides a lot of activities and social life which I was missing. I have made many new friends and feel this is exactly where I need to be. It has proved to be an excellent move for me, and has far exceeded my expectations."


Karen and Lorraine


“The husband and family of Ange Lorenzi wishes to thank the staff of Brillion West Haven for the loving and affectionate care she received during her four year stay. Ange benefited greatly from your support and caring. We know too that some of you, both residents and staff, had a more personal contact with her. She enjoyed that contact and it made her stay at Brillion West Haven feel more like home. We cannot thank you enough, including her hospice team, for making her last year as comfortable as possible. To each and every one of you 'Thank You' for a job well done! May the width and the depth of your kindness be passed forward; may it travel around the world and come home and rest within you. We thank you for the gift of you."   ~David Lorenzi & Family of Ange Lorenzi


Ron & Frank Perz"Meet my dad, Frank. He has experienced many things in his 91 years. He is a Master Cabinetmaker from Austria, born in a time when tuition was a pig his father paid to the Master who taught him his trade. For many years, he and his crew used their talents to fabricate the display cases at the Marshall Field's in downtown Chicago. At one time he even worked outside on the roof of the John Hancock building. After work he'd never hesitate to offer his talents to family, friends, and neighbors to deal with the handyman issues they couldn't handle. There was nothing dad couldn't fix! Age has slowed him down. Thankfully, the man who used to help everyone now has help from the staff at Parkside. Companionship, activities and tasty meals at Parkside help him cope with the loss of his wife, Fannie, of 64 years. He misses her very much and the move to assisted living has helped fill a void and provide him with a more fulfilling quality of life. Say HI when you see him and he'll be happy to tell you a story about how things used to be!"


Jim & Margaret Winters


"We find West Haven to be a blessing in our lives.  It allows us to be husband and wife to each other.   The staff are the caretakers for my wife, which is increasing the quality of our lives.  I like living here because I am able to say what I need and want.  This lets me lead and direct my care.  In my eyes the staff are all angels and that makes me feel safe.  This is my second home, even though I would rather be at home with my family."



Paula and Blossom

"What we have found at Birch Creek is: A competent nursing staff of very kind individuals who assist mother through her daily routine with a smile and a genuine desire to help her. An Activities Program geared to mental stimulation and all around fun!  The staff engages the resident and encourages them to take part.  A sense of “inclusion” is everywhere.  This is so important because people with Alzheimer’s are filled with fear and need to be “invited” into the situation. A meal program which is nutritional, plentiful and varied.  A staff of very nice folks who work hard to satisfy the many needs of the residents.  They also exude a genuine effort of cheerfully helping residents as they come and go to the dining room.  The room itself is a bright and cheery place for residents to eat. Birch Creek also employs a terrific administrative staff, maintenance and housekeeping.  Each of these areas are filled with heartfelt individuals who seem to love what they do and approach the day with a smile and compliment for every resident they encounter.  You can feel the pride in the staff which reflects back on the leadership team."


Sue Cook


"The staff is very kind and helpful.  In my condition I’m unable to do many daily functions and the staff is always willing to assist me in any way.  The food is great!  I have my scooter and that gives me freedom to go to stores and restaurants in the area.   I’m very thankful to God for the things I can still do while I'm here at Birch Creek."



Linn White


"I am very happy to be a part of the Birch Creek community.  My disabilities make it difficult to be alone and here at Birch Creek I feel safe and I am cared for by respectful professionals.  I have plenty of space to play with my granddaughter or work on my quilting.  From morning stretch to bingo, we are offered a wide variety of interesting activities that help us to socialize and keep loneliness away.  My favorite thing of all is probably the great homemade desserts."